Connecticut Legislative Group Looks to Make Changes to Inform Buyers of Asbestos

The Connecticut Post is reporting that a legislative panel is working on changes to the state’s disclosure form used in residential real estate transactions that would inform people whether asbestos is or has been inside the house.

Boston mesothelioma lawyers believe this is a good step in helping to prevent more people from being exposed to asbestos in New England.
Asbestos is a dangerous mineral that was used for most of the 20th century as insulation in buildings, in coating pipes to keep them warm and stave off fire, and in common consumer products such as ceiling tiles and brake pads. Construction crews have used it mixed with other materials in road projects.

It wasn’t until around 1990 that mining and shipment of the product stopped, though it was never formally banned in the United States. Other countries, including Canada and Russia, still export asbestos to third-world countries.

Because of its pervasive use, you can see how many older buildings, especially in a region of the United States as old as New England, may still contain asbestos. Sadly, researchers have found asbestos to be extremely hazardous and can not only cause illness, but death.

Mesothelioma in Massachusetts is a rare form of cancer and there is no cure. Despite decades of research concluding that asbestos exposure causes mesothelioma, medical professionals haven’t been able to figure out how to cure it.

That’s why the efforts being made in Connecticut are important for everyone. According to the newspaper, the panel didn’t recommend making homeowners list hazardous waste on the property because many household items are deemed hazardous. But the panel instead recommends that sellers must say whether there have been any citations filed on the property.

That question aims to answer whether any clean-up agencies have been to the property to do work. The panel’s work may benefit the town of Stratford, where more than 100 homes have been declared toxic dump sites. They weren’t told of the toxicity of the property before buying.

The panel of lawmakers is also considering adding a question that requires sellers to list the age of the structure and tell potential buyers whether an older home may need repairs and could contain asbestos or lead paint.

This is an important step because education is one thing that has been lacking regarding asbestos exposure. Because it can take years or decades to turn into mesothelioma, many people simply didn’t know they were being put at danger when they worked in shipyards, in factories or in other places that contained the hazardous material.

That’s why many people are stuck in such a bad situation. Their companies didn’t tell them they were dealing with asbestos even after they knew it was hazardous. This caused many people to get sick even though they didn’t realize it until later in life.

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