Japanese Study Finds Chemo Still Best Treatment for Mesothelioma

Worldwide, medical researchers and scientists continue to pour over records and data to develop new approaches for treating the deadly cancer mesothelioma. According to a new study published by a team of Japanese researchers, chemotherapy combined with cisplatin and pemetrexed continue to be the most effective treatment for mesothelioma patients. Despite efforts to develop new and more effective drug combinations, results indicated that chemo proved to be more effective than other forms of treatment.

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One of the reasons researchers are desperate to find other forms of treatment is because the prognosis for mesothelioma patients is so grave. Most patients who are diagnosed with the deadly cancer are only given months to live. New drugs and treatments are a desperate attempt to challenge the bleak cancer prognosis and to give victims and their loved ones hope. Our Boston mesothelioma attorneys are dedicated to helping victims maximize compensation after asbestos exposure. We understand the difficult and complex nature of these cases and are committed to reducing the number of asbestos-related cancer cases in Massachusetts and nationwide.

According to the article which was published in Respiratory Investigation, researchers at the Shizuoka Cancer Center and Juntendo University in Japan concluded that cisplatin and pemetrexed chemotherapy combination was most effective in treating mesothelioma tumors. Authors of the study, which was published in March, advocate that doctors continue to use this method of treatment as a “front-line” chemotherapeutic regimen for patients who have inoperable and malignant tumors. An analysis of records indicated that the medications are most effective when treating mesothelioma and when used in combination with surgery and radiation.

Every cancer patient faces a unique set of circumstances and treatment options. Researchers indicated that this form of treatment is also most effective for patients who are unable to have surgery because the cancer has already metastasized. Whether you have already explored some treatment options or you are considering an alternative or new method of mesothelioma treatment, it is best to consult with your doctor about your options. Taking legal action can help you recover just compensation to cover necessary medical expenses, lost wages, care needs and other expenses associated with your diagnosis and end of life care.

Alimta (pemetrexed) and cisplatin is a chemotherapy combination approved by the FDA in 2004. Though it was only recently approved, it has been used since the 1990s and was granted a “compassionate-use” exemption for individuals who suffered from advanced forms of cancer. It was the first medication approved exclusively in treating patients of mesothelioma. Researchers found that this combination is more successful that other chemotherapy drugs.

The study in Japan compared a number of other combinations and determined that pemetrexed and cisplatin is the most effective for individuals who suffer from asbestos-related cancer. According to the reports, the study included 30 patients who were diagnosed between 2002 and 2011. The response rate was higher for those who used cisplatin/Alimta. While patients and doctors will always explore new treatment options and other forms of relief, this study shows that traditional chemotherapy options may prove the most effective.

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