Mesothelioma in Boston, DNA May Be Linked, Researchers Say

Philadelphia researchers have found a link between mesothelioma and genetics, a study published online recently suggest, reports.

The study’s researchers hope that as more time and effort is put into studying mesothelioma that drugs can be developed that can lead to a cure for this currently incurable rare form of cancer. All the leading studies have shown that exposure to asbestos in New England and throughout the country is the main link to mesothelioma.
And while the study suggests that genetics may be a factor, it doesn’t suggest that asbestos exposure isn’t at play. If anything, it’s possible that some people may be predisposed to being more prone to getting mesothelioma, but it can’t be said at this point that genetics alone is the cause. Boston Mesothelioma Lawyers have seen long-time factory workers contract this cancer, as well as military veterans and those who worked with commonly used products like brake pads, insulation and floor and ceiling tiles.

The symptoms — heavy coughing, fluid and chest pain — seem just like old-age signs in some cases and may delay diagnosis.

Researchers at the Fox Chase Center Center in Philadelphia studied two extended families where they found mesothelioma “common.” After studying the families, 11 with the lung disease had mutations in a gene called BAP1 that is supposed to help suppress tumors.

Researchers hope their studying will lead to the development of new drugs and at least help increase the survival rate of those diagnosed. Patients with mesothelioma live for about 12 months after diagnosis. But those who are able to catch the cancer early before a tumor has spread to other parts of the body can live for up to five years.

Among the family members studied, several also had uveal melanoma, an eye tumor and one of them also had mesothelioma. After studying about two dozen other mesothelioma patients who had no familial link to the cancer, two others had the rare eye cancer as well. Members of the two families also had other forms of cancer, such as in the kidneys and breasts.

I think everyone would like to see more help for those who suffer from mesothelioma in New England and throughout the nation. It’s obvious that asbestos is dangerous and it’s also obvious that companies knew of its effects on workers and still continued to use it to insulate and to make products that every American would use.

Sadly, that’s why many Americans today are suffering the health consequences. It was the greed and profit-seeking nature of companies decades ago that continued to use asbestos despite knowing the risks. And now it’s their dedicated workers who are paying with their lives.

It’s certainly possible that some people are more apt to cancer, as some families have few people die of cancer, whereas in other families, it strikes everyone in one form or another. But the widely believed and trusted research shows that asbestos exposure is the trigger and cause of mesothelioma.

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