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Over the past year, there have been allegations of asbestos fibers being present in two different cosmetic products designed for use by children.  Both of these products contained talc, which is common in makeup and also a glitter substance that is supposed to sparkle.  In both instances, an independent materials testing laboratory confirmed the presence of deadly asbestos fibers in some quantity of the children’s products, but the retail chain in which the products were sold across the nation said their own respective testing found no evidence of contamination.

Mesothelioma LawyersRegardless of whether these particular products contained asbestos fibers, there is certainly a chance of asbestos being present in any products that contain talc, unless proper testing methods are used during production to determine if asbestos is actually present. To make matters worse, while producing an asbestos-containing children’s makeup and not warning customers would be an example of negligence, there is no law preventing the manufacturing of such products.

But a new piece of legislation is aimed at closing this loophole. Continue reading

Many Schools in Boston were built at a time when asbestos was used in heavily during the construction process.  This include tiles, pipes, pipe insulation, wall insulation and many other many other construction materials. Now that these buildings are old and have not been properly maintained over the years in many cases, students, staff and faculty are often facing problems associated with asbestos exposure.

Boston Asbestos Lawyer According to a recent news article from The Boston Herald, a elementary school in Fitchburg, Massachusetts had to close for at least a week after a pipe exploded during the winter recess. This burst pipe resulted in ceiling tiles being damaged, and these were tiles that are known to contain deadly asbestos fibers.  The school board said that it is working with the necessary government agencies and a professional asbestos abatement firm.  Continue reading

According to a recent news report in the Union Leader, part of building that was heavily damaged in a fire last summer has collapsed, resulting in an asbestos exposure scare.  This building was the site of a June 2016 fire that killed four people.

construction siteWhen the fire broke out, it was in the overnight hours, and the entire family of four tragically died.  The classic New England three-decker, as they are often called, was left a burnt out shell of its former self.  It has been abandoned since the fire and has been slated for demolition for several months.  Continue reading

Every year in the U.S., approximately 15,000 Americans die as a result of asbestos-related diseases. This has been true since the 1930s, when it first became widely used in construction materials, ship building and automobile manufacturing. As it now stands 58 countries on this plant have banned the use of asbestos because they know – we all know – just how dangerous it is when the fibers are breathed in.cloverleaf

And yet, the U.S. is not among those nations because in 1991, a federal court overturned the ban on the substance imposed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. However, it seems like we might finally change course on this when last yea, President Barack Obama signed an amendment to the Toxic Substances Control Act that would finally give the EPA the authority to prohibit the use of asbestos and ban asbestos imports. These plans were still moving ahead, despite Trump’s election.

But now, we have as the new head of the EPA a man named Scott Pruitt. There are a number of reasons for environmental advocates to be concerned about this pick, but one of those is the fact that Pruitt refused in a questionnaire from the Senate’s Environment and Public Works Committee to promise he would follow through with the asbestos ban.  Continue reading

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