Urban Renewal Project Includes $247,000 for Asbestos Removal

Asbestos lurks in structures throughout Boston’s metropolitan area and the state of Massachusetts. The threat of exposure has created an incentive for government agencies as well as legislators to invest in clean-up to protect residents and workers. In a revitalization effort in Holyoke, the Environmental Protection Agency is providing the city with $247,000 to clean up hazardous materials at the former Hart Will Combing Factor on Appleton Street. The public has been invited to hear the city’s plan to clear the asbestos through safe removal processes.


Efforts to clean-up this building and others like it are taking place throughout the state. The clean-up was ordered after an analysis released by an environmental infrastructure company revealed high levels of toxicity and hazardous materials. Our Boston mesothelioma attorneys understand the significant risks posed by properties with asbestos contamination. For victims, the exposure can be immediate and the onset of mesothelioma may not be detected for years or decades. Despite clean-up efforts, asbestos exposure continues to pose a threat and onset of the dangerous cancer.

According to reports, the site has been identified as key in a plan to revitalize an area of the city that has been deemed the Arts and Innovation District. In addition to the restoration of the building, the district also houses the Massachusetts Green High Performance Community Center, a passenger rail platform, and Gateway City Arts. The area is part of a larger urban renewal project in Holyoke known as “Connect. Construct. Create.” The public is invited to hear ongoing plans for the site and upcoming restoration efforts.

The property was foreclosed on in 2011 and the city took ownership of the building. Officials expect a partial demolition and redevelopment of the building, which could stir up asbestos. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has given the city $247,000 to complete the clean-up efforts. In addition to asbestos present in the building, the factory also contained oil, coal, metals and other chemicals. The plant was a wool combing operation used as part of the local textile industry. After the plant closed, it operated as a warehouse and artist space.

Payment will ensure safe clean-up by asbestos removal professionals. Workers who are exposed to asbestos in similar projects must be aware of the risks and protect themselves against exposure. According to a report detailing the options for the site, it is likely that clean-up crews will perform demolition, renovation, and removal of materials on the site. Depending on what option officials decide to pursue, the project could take between 3 and 18 months with a cost up to $1.4 million.

Mesothelioma is one of the most aggressive and deadly cancers, leaving many victims with only months or a few years to live after diagnosis. While there are some treatment options to reduce the size of mesothelioma tumors, there is no cure. Anyone who has been diagnosed with mesothelioma should have their case investigated and reviewed by an experienced advocate.

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