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Mesothelioma lawsuits are generally filed under a theory of negligence. The claim is that the company knew or had reason to know that their product could cause mesothelioma, lung cancer, or respiratory illness, and they failed to warn the millions of workers who dealt with the deadly substance on a routine basis.   Failure to adequately warn of a known danger is a specific claim filed in many lawsuits in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

asbestosdangerThe reason asbestos is so deadly is because, once inhaled, the fibers can become trapped in a layer of tissue known as the mesothelium. Once in the mesothelium, they can metastasize into a deadly form of cancer known as malignant mesothelioma. This process usually takes between 20 and 50 years, so many companies were willing to trade present profits for future risk of mesothelioma lawsuits. Continue reading

There has been a lot of media attention lately and strong public reaction about a report released concerning bacon, which should be expected from both camps on the validity and importance of this recent report by the Worth Health Organization (WHO), according to a recent article by Reuters.

bacon-1-1323904The report conducted by the World Heath Organization and its Internal Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) stated there was a causal link between eating red meat and developing prostate cancer and pancreatic cancer. The agency also found that eating processed meats such as what is found in many sandwich meats, bacon, and other processed foods, increases one’s risk of colorectal cancer, if the patient eats these processed meats every day. Continue reading

There is no question that asbestos was dangerous to the seemingly countless factory workers and construction workers who worked in asbestos-laden environments for decades of the last century. When these workers would breathe in the deadly asbestos fibers, these fibers would become embedded in the layer of tissue know as the mesothelium, where they could develop in into an aggressive form of cancer known as malignant pleural mesothelioma.


While most people associate mesothelioma with lung cancer, it is actually a different form of cancer, though it often does form in the lungs. However, it can also form in the stomach, chest, and other internal organs. Wherever it initially forms, it can quickly spread to other organs in the short period time a patient has left to live following a mesothelioma diagnosis. It should also be noted that asbestos exposure can cause lung cancer, asbestosis, and other forms of serious respiratory illness. Continue reading

Many schools in Boston and across New England were built during a time when asbestos was heavily used in construction. The asbestos was deadly to the miners who unearthed the material and to the workers who installed it in the schools, but, generally speaking, asbestos is no longer harmful to occupants of a building. The reason for this is because asbestos was used in wall joint compounds and many other things, but, unless it is being disturbed, there is not a great risk of inhaling the deadly fibers.

warning-icon-45-1023139-mHowever, if a building is not properly maintained and is allowed to fall apart, the risk of asbestos exposure skyrockets for anyone inside. Unfortunately, due to budgetary shortcomings, it is fairly common for schools to end up in very bad condition to the point where students are at a high risk for asbestos exposure. Continue reading

According to a recent news release from Nasdaq News Service, Aduro Biotech has just announced the results of Phase 1b mesothelioma trials for its new immunotherapy drug, CRS-207.

1158314_nurse_1Phase 1b is part of the process of clinical trials to test new medications on human patients. In this phase, multiple increasing dose studies are performed on human patients to determine safety and tolerability. The patients are given multiple low doses of the drug during the study, and multiple tests are performed to determine how the human body processes the new drug. In the next group of patients, the dose of the experimental drug is increased, and then increased again in future groups, until a preset limit has been reached. Continue reading

There are several treatment options available for patients who are diagnosed with malignant pleural mesothelioma. The problem with all of these treatment options is they generally do not work very well. Mostly, they are able to sustain a patient’s life for a matter of months, so the victim has longer to spend with his or her family. However, those few extra months, even in the best-case scenarios, come at very high cost.

syringe-1238929-mTreatment options typically involve large doses of potent chemotherapy and radiation, and may involve invasive surgery where entire organs and large sections of tissue are removed. Once the organ tissue is removed, more chemotherapy or radiation is administered internally to the site of the tumor. Even if these procedures are successful, most patients will still die shortly after the procedure and will be in a great deal of pain during that time. Continue reading

When a patient is diagnosed with mesothelioma, he or she is often told they have a short time left to live. There are treatment options available, but they require cutting away cancerous organ tissues and applying chemotherapy wash directly to the site of the cancer. Sometimes, a patient will have an entire lung and portion of the other lung removed, and even with these invasive and painful treatments, a patient many have his or life extended by a matter of months to a few years.

surgeonsAccording to a recent article from Lauderdale Dailey News, a new treatment for mesothelioma patients may actually change the standard of care for many patients. Bevacizumab is a drug that was developed to treat cancer patients by restricting growth of new blood vessels inside tumors. Attendees at a recent conference on cancer treatment believe this drug, with a brand name of Avastin, should be added to the traditional combination of mesothelioma drugs consisting of pemetrexed and cisplatin chemotherapy products. Avastin is currently being used for patients with colorectal cancer and some forms of lung cancer and may have promise in treating mesothelioma patients, according to researchers. Continue reading

As it stands, there is no effective treatment or cure for mesothelioma. Yes, there are drugs and radical surgical procedures, which may slightly extend a patient’s life or ease the pain and suffering to some extent. However, there is little doctors can do to really treat or cure the deadly disease.

stethascope.jpgBut researchers are not giving up. They are constantly working on new mesothelioma treatments and trying existing drugs developed for other cancers on mesothelioma victims as part of various studies. According to a recent article from the National Law Review, a skin cancer treatment drug may help those suffering from mesothelioma.

The drug researchers are hoping works for mesothelioma patients is known as Pembrolizumab and is marketed under the brand name Keytruda. While most cancer treatments involve use of chemotherapy, radiation, or a combination of both, a new type of treatment has emerged known as immunotherapy. Immunothearpy has been shown to have fewer side effects than traditional treatments, which often involve destruction of healthy tissue and cells in addition to the cancer cells.
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Firefighters in Boston put their lives on the line every day and night to help keep others safe. They face a lot of risks on the job, including burns from raging fires, smoke inhalation, falling debris, roadside dangers when rescuing car accident victims and a various other job-related hazards. When they signed up for the job and entered the academy, they knew the risk they would be facing.

But one risk they should not have to fear is asbestos exposure in their own firehouses.

firefighter-711365-m.jpgAccording to a recent news article from The Boston Globe, Boston Fire Commissioner, Joseph E. Finn, has discussed the awful state of disrepair into which Boston’s fire stations have fallen. He is now happy to be able allocate $26 million of the department’s budget to replace two of the worst fire stations and modernize others.

This is one piece of a larger plan to get one of the country’s oldest departments a much needed update.

While these two stations slated for demolition and replacement are in the worst state of disrepair, the city’s 31 other fire stations are not exactly in great shape either. This is a result of years of neglect and various piecemeal attempts to patch up problems in the past. It is important to keep in mind that firefighters do not only have to work in these stations, but also have to live in them for at least part of every week.
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There are certain perks to being the mayor of a large city. For example, in New York City, the mayor gets to live in an official residence known as Gracie Mansion. The site of Gracie Mansion originally housed a different mansion known as Belview Mansion. This first mansion overlooked the Hell Gate channel of the East River, as does the current mayoral residence. This was of such strategic importance, then-general George Washington took control of the grounds during the American Revolutionary War. The mansion was ultimately destroyed during the war, and, in 1799, Gracie Mansion was constructed as a second home for Archibald Gracie. Eventually, he sold it to the City of New York, and it later became the mayor’s residence.

asbestos-119041-m.jpgGracie Mansion has been renovated over the years several times, most recently during mayor Bloomberg’s tenure, and it was funded by an anonymous donation many suspect to be Bloomberg. It was also the site of much media attention during a scandal involving former mayor Rudy Giuliani and his mistress. Gracie Manson is once again in the news – this time because of the discovery of asbestos.
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